• VAT & PAYE Inspections

  • VAT and PAYE inspections can take place at any time, in any business, regardless of how up to date your accounts are or whether or not you’ve paid all of your tax.

    How prepared are you for having your affairs investigated by HMRC’s inspectors?

    One thing’s for sure, if they are called into question, it’s essential that you respond promptly and appropriately.

    Which is where we can help.

    We’ve been helping small and medium-sized businesses get the best possible outcome from their VAT and PAYE inspections for more than ten years.

    Our dedicated VAT team is highly trained in all areas of VAT and PAYE, including inspections, and is on hand to make sure your records are in order and that you follow the right procedures for preparing and presenting your files for examination.

    Choose our VAT and PAYE inspection services and benefit from:

    • Peace of mind – that your VAT or PAYE investigation is following the relevant processes and being conducted in the right way to ensure you get the best possible result
    • A highly-professional service - that’s tailored to your specific needs and delivered in line with the latest VAT and PAYE inspection requirements
    • Up-to-the-minute expertise – keeping tabs on the latest VAT and PAYE inspection requirements can be challenging, however, it’s what we specialise in day in, day out
    • Dedicated support – whether you just need an update on how your investigation’s progressing or have received an update from HMRC you don’t understand, our highly-experienced team is on hand, via email, telephone or face-to-face, to help you out

    To find out more about our VAT and PAYE inspection services or to discuss your VAT or PAYE inspection requirements with us, contact us today on 01527 874881 or info@bromsgrovebookkeeping.co.uk.