• Payroll Services

  • No matter how large or small your business might be, you’ll have a payroll function of some sort.

    However, like most business-related tasks, your payroll duties, whether you complete them every week, fortnightly or monthly, can be a drain on your time. In fact, the overall task of accurately processing your payroll and meeting your auto-enrolment duties is a headache many businesses can do without.

    That’s where we come in.

    We’ve been freeing up small and medium-sized businesses from the hassle of having to deal with their payroll for more than ten years.

    Whether your payroll involves salaried staff, shift workers, temporary staff, variable hours or zero hours, or you need a hand with auto-enrolment, we can help.

    Choose our payroll services and benefit from:

    • Peace of mind – that your payroll’s being processed accurately and on time, leaving you to focus on other areas of your business
    • A highly-professional service - that’s tailored to your specific needs and budget and is delivered in line with the latest payroll regulations and standards
    • Up-to-the-minute expertise – keeping tabs on the latest payroll updates and employment type updates can be challenging however, it’s what our payroll team specialise in day in, day out
    • Dedicated support – whether you just need to check where your latest payroll’s at or have an auto-enrolment query you’d like to run past us, our highly-experienced payroll team is on hand, via email, telephone, or face-to-face, to help you out 

    To find out more about our payroll services or to discuss your payroll requirements with us, contact us today on 01527 874881 or info@bromsgrovebookkeeping.co.uk.